Tuesday, July 14, 2009


a brand new mess of a perfect world
her eyes dont reflect whats gonna crush her
a smile cuz shes young and she dont understand a word
there was a runner
a love
now just a story up above
but shell find him in a stranger

some people have got it
they face a fear and run so hard like nothins near
and runnin for kicks they really love it
like excitement edgin on danger
shes gonna find him in a stranger

times where everything shes done crushes down in a moment
passes through her mind and theres no way in hell that she can hold it..in
in her eyes
in her tears
in her up side down smile
itll only be a while till shell also smile
learning of his miles his light his passion
is there in a stranger

~a runners passion, it becomes a part of you, the same in many, and links but strangers

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