Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i wanna know why

i can't fix your life, i wanna try
but all i do is sit n' cry
i can't fix your life, only you can try
so many tears taught me that, before i said goodbye
i can't fix your life, i can't fix your life
maybe its better if i just leave
i see its better off just letting you be
i dont have enough left to fight for you
i dont have enough left to just try for me
when my heat wanted to run with yours
thats when i learned, i learned a truth
i cant fix your reckless life
even though ive tried and tried
you cant always run and hide
im not strong enough to hold you to a light
you have to try for your life
you have to try for yourself
i cant fix what has made me cry
you can only change if you, yourself, can see why
the day came when i embraced your ways
now i couldnt imagine you being another way
i love it dont change those reckless days
i cant fix it, i cant fix your life
im glad i cant
if you were different now,
maybe i'd cry.


Anonymous said...

i love reading these bront :)

but sometimes idk who or what you're talking about...

Bronte said...

its just whats on my mind you know my mind is crazy :) its ultimately about jordan