Thursday, July 30, 2009

gloomy days?

theres a feeling that matches mother nature
sometimes when it rains..
it makes me wanna hate her
its so dark
especially when it tears at my heart
its the kind of rain that falls straight down
and turns my stomach upside down
gripping the wall just insnt enough
when i miss you..
its pretty rough
maybe because ive fallen so hard for you
thats why i fall so far when you are gone too
thats the first time i cried in those jeans
cuz every other memory
has been better than i could imagine it be
with 'i believe in love' stitched on the butt
i must have found the ultimate love
its just waiting for you
like waiting out rain
gets to me all the way through
and theres nothing else i can blame
but mother nature's falling rain

1 comment:

mariposa said...

I really like this poem & how it rhymes.

By the way, I'm back from my blog break :)