Saturday, October 11, 2008

so i was reading through the "about me" part on some of my friends facebook accounts.
u know... just to see what they wrote.
and i came across one that simply said,
"its not all about me."
they wrote nothing about themself,
but amazingly it said everything about them.
everything that is important in a person.
what do you have when you loose your things, your pride, maybe your talent in a sport...nothing.
but if your character has the "its not about me"
you still have everything.
everything that is important.

there was this boy.
his whole life was centered around football.
division 1 football he says.
thats my life, its everything.
all i want to do is play division 1 football.
he got really good at it, it is pretty much his life,
always bragging about how good he is.
his knee blows out.
life, for him,
he thought he had lost everything,
couldnt persue what he wanted, what he thought was truly everything.
a game.
he became depressed.
thought everything was all about him.
he started failing his classes, and wasnt going to make it.
so my theology teacher...
he knows its not all about him.
he calles up the boy's mother.
and asks if he can take the boy somewhere, and gets her permisson.
so the teacher takes the boy, in his car.
drives him to the childrens hospital.
just walks through.
at all of the smiling faces of children fighting for their life.
they know its not all about them.
they know they still have everything,
smiling, while fighting for their life.
the boy and the teacher just looking in...
room to room
smile after smile.
then the teacher asks.
boy, now is your life over,
now do u see
now do you know
"its not all about you"
the boy stops, looks the teacher in the eye,
and says wow.. no. its not all about me.
and he turned his life around.

true story.

character. it counts.


mariposa said...

Wow, great post! It's so true.

JC said...

Yeah. Character counts for a lot!

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[tess] said...

whoa. that's so TRUE! i love your blog!