Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Every day i learn something more.

Some days not so much,

some days more than ever before.

Today i learned how three words can mean so much.

Simply saying im sorry could be all they are looking for.

Nobody is perfect,

we all make mistakes,

we don't know everything,

and at times we all break.

But having the morals to say im sorry

that's something worth fighting for.

A combination not to be taken for granted.

Can but a 15 year old be more mature than an adult?

An adult with their whole life to have learned something more.

Yes, a dissapointent.

Im Sorry.

So easy, but again one of the hardest things.

But happiness those hard things do bring.

Be humble,

then you might not see them all quiet and cry.

(message to someone i once believed in)


mariposa said...

That's such a great message! You're so right.

griffinrider said...

i love this post!
apologizing is one of the hardest things a person does, because it's saying, "i know i'm wrong, and i know i have to change". there is nothing in the world harder for people than those 2 things- admitting our mistakes, and changing ourselves. to really and sincerely apologize takes a lot of strength and maturity, which unfortunately, i've noticed, many adults lack. including parents. it's so sad. undestandable, i guess, but sad.

~Bronte said...

thanks guys! yeah, deffinately something ive nothiced.