Thursday, April 5, 2012

School Pride Scholarship entry

My ideal career path is to become a radiologic technologist who is specialized in MRI. My school, Colorado Mesa University, is perfect for this goal because they have a prestigious program for just that. I have even recently been accepted to the program! This is huge because they only take 18 a year. Also, the school gives the opportunity to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in the program. This would allow me to specialize in MRI right away. To begin, I was really well prepared to apply for the program through my school's unending resources! My Cross Country coach, Gig Leadbetter, helped me the entire way making sure my studies were kept up and that I had the support I needed. In addition, standardized testing and interviews for the program were held on campus. So, I did not have to travel any distance to complete such requirements! Lastly, I have a wonderful family of friends here that told me the whole way that I could get in. The library is three minutes from my current dorm room and there is free tutoring offered on campus. Dr. Ward is my advisor and she checks in with me to make sure I am completing everything I need to complete to stay on track. My friends were right! I had the smarts, personality, and resources from the perfect school to get in. Now that I am in the program, though, my school lacks the one resource I need. It has the wonderful people for support, the rad tech facilities to learn, nearby hospitals such at St. Mary's to intern hours in, and top notch teachers with the best information. For example, the program has a 100% passing rate for the RT Registry Exam following the program. Sadly, it does not have enough scholarship and financial help...In order to continue with this program that I have worked so hard to get into, I need outside resources. This is my only chance. Please and Thank You! Please help me live up to what all my friends tell me I am. There is nowhere else I’d rather be, it is so perfect!

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