Saturday, January 17, 2009

to carve out a heart

a heart, it's so much. it's a life, and it holds love.
every time in a hug, every smile it knows of.
you and me, the sun can see its carved out on a tree.
it knows of.
a stumble on truth, a fall and all breaks loose.
colors of a sunset on the tree, still love reflects.
red and orange it's true, flip it over to me and you.
so the sun can still see, that it's carved out on the tree...
it knows of.
how your heart made me cry.
tears of joy,
and that is what, your heart sounds like.


Anonymous said...

you have a nice blog. I need say only this because its the first time I came by your blog.
You like running, right? I love to drive and walk. though there is change in our thinking, there is one thing in common. We both like to be ourselves. am i correct?

Anonymous said...

Hi. Hope am not disturbing. but, I just tagged you on my blog. so just see it and tag lots of other people you like